At Maple City Chapel we help each person discover their own spiritual gifts with an expectation that involvement in a ministry and small group will follow. We believe participation not only serves to encourage but also produces spiritual growth.

Children's Ministries -

From infants and crawlers up through sixth grade, the Children's Ministry provides a secure environment that stimulates a better understanding of the love of God. We offer nursery care for your little ones. We also offer Children's Church for 3 year-olds through 6th grade during the adult services. Teachers emphasize God's truths through stories, Bible memorization, worship, crafts and prayer ...more

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Worship Arts Ministry –

Musical worship has always been a hallmark of MCCh. We relish in the belief that true worship is a sweet aroma to our Great King Jesus. Auditions for musicians and vocalists are held throughout the if you got it...we want it. We also use other elements of the arts in our services. God's Fools is our drama team. The Media Team creates our videos and podcasts our services. The Techies ensure that the sound reaching your ears is of high quality and that the cameras are capturing the essence of the service’s communicable content.

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Student Ministries

Student ministries exists to equip Jr. and Sr. High kids for ministry, to reach non-believing students, to connect them with other Christ followers, to help them grow in their faith and to worship God with their lives. This is an energetic youth group filled with activities and opportunities to serve. Annual mission trips have included Haiti, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Columbus, Ohio, Canada and more.

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The Community –

This group is for post-high young adults between the ages of 18 and 25. They meet on a regular basis for Bible study and social events. Event times and locations vary so if you are interested, please contact us.

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Small Groups –

Since our inception as a church, small groups have been a vital part of our strategy for growth. Small groups are mini gatherings within the context of the larger community and is the place where much of the hands-on pastoral care occurs. Deep relational connections are most often formed in the Small Group format. A wide variety of groups meet at various times and locations throughout the community. If you're interested we will "interview" you and help plug you in to the appropriate group. If you're not sure where you will fit best...don’t worry. We'll work together, with you, until an appropriate connection is made.

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Family Ministries –

Family is of utmost importance..."as the family goes, so goes society." Don't know who to attribute that quote to but it is our belief that strong families do strengthen all aspects of society and that includes the church. With divorce in the North American church at an all-time high we are taking proactive steps to counter this trend. Our Family Ministries team directs marriage mentoring, pre-marital counseling, family specific groups, parenting classes and also partners with Student Ministries to facilitate classes on dating and relationships.

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Adult Discipleship –

At MCCh, next steps in our faith journeys are encouraged and education provided through the Discovery Class series (101, 201, 301,401). The Adult Discipleship team coordinates these classes as well as Sunday morning and Wednesday night classes and seminars. For current class schedules see the calendar or contact the ministry leader.

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Global Missions

The Global Missions program exists to facilitate the mandate of Jesus to "make disciples of all nations. As a team we...more

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Local Ministries

We are always looking to increase the missional impact of MCCh and being involved in the Goshen community...more

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PIT Road

...and when he saw him, he had compassion on him...and he put him on his own animal (car), brought him to an inn and took care of him. Luke 10:33-34 ...more

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Prayer Ministry –

Considering the needs of the congregation, community and world and bringing these needs to the Creator of the Universe is our privilege. Prayer ministry coordinates after-service healing and prayer time, the monthly Prayer and Worship events and intercedes for those in crisis. Contact us if you need our assistance.

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Building and Grounds –

With a former life as a Walmart then renovated to house an entertainment complex and now home to a church, there are a multitude of ways to be involved with facility maintenance, interior decor and grounds keeping. If you are well-versed in the trades, we need you but if you’re not we can still use your help.

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Financial Peace Team –

Many of us, at one time or another find, ourselves in dire straits, financially. If you feel your situation would benefit from the assistance of our team of counselors, please contact us for a confidential conversation. We promise to be honest and forthright as we strive to help you reach your goals.

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First Response Team –

Prompt response to a medical emergency is assured with our team of professional medical personnel that are on duty during each of our services. Do you have the training? If so, please consider getting involved!

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Hospitality –

First impressions...ah, they can make or break us. Creating and maintaining a genuinely warm and friendly atmosphere is our goal. We are constantly training our ushers, greeters and Welcome Center personnel about the value of authentic hospitality and we hope it shows.

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Kitchen Team Ministry –

Whether it is hosting a meal after a funeral or planning for the church picnic, this team insures that food here at Maple City Chapel is done with excellence. Members of this team also ensure that the coffee bar is staffed and well-run during events and services.

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Ladies Ministries –

Gender specific seminars and events are regularly hosted by this energetic team. Bible study and social groups meet at various times during the week/month. See the calendar for scheduled events.

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